Melly? I love you Over all, please come back to me :/!

Melly? I'm so fucking sorry :/. I love you so much. I miss you :/ & I need you, please come back to me. Yeah I know I'm stupid :/ and I know I'm not perfect and i make a mistakes but Hey I'm a Human so it's normal :c. I try to be perfect for you. I'd do everything for you :/. I cry every night :/. I need you to live, you're my Life :(. I don't know what I can do :/. You're my big Love, my Girl :(. 29.01.2012 the best day in my life and 10.05.2012 the terrible day in my life bcuz you broke up & deleted your acc :/. My heart beats still just for you :/. My Frinds say to me "David, move on." but I can't :/ bcuz I love you more than anything :(. And I hate Taylor over all bcuz she ruined all -.-. I want still a future with you, you know how? I told you :/! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME. I'll kill myself withou you :(. I think about us every night, every day :/. If you don't come back then let me say something :/: Thank you for the beautiful time. I'll never forget you and I'll always love you :/. You're forever in my heart. I hope you'll be happy :/ Bye Sweetheart :(. <3 -David-

Chester See - Beautiful

Chester See - Everything

Auburn - Perfect Two

Chris  Brown - Without you

I think about you/us everytime when I hear this Songs :/.

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